Former Secretary General of the Government allowedto communicate without hindrance under house arrest


The Skopje Criminal Court issued a statement on the status of DragiRashkovski who is under house arrest.

The proposal of the Basic Public Prosecutor’s Office to prosecute organized crime and corruption to replace the measure of house arrest with effective detention for DR – a suspect in the case known as “Illegal procurement of software”, was rejected by the Criminal Council as unfounded given that with the decision for extension of the measure – house arrest from 02.07.2021 there is no additional measure – Prohibition of communication with persons covered by the criminal event or Prohibition of use of means of communication, which is evident from the decision of the Criminal Council available in attachment.

It is indisputable that the Criminal Council of this court, after receiving an appeal from the Public Prosecutor, against the decision of a pre-trial judge, on 21.04.2021, upheld the appeal and replaced the measure of house arrest with a measure of effective detention. The measure of detention by the Criminal Council on 20.05.2021 was extended for another 30 days, and on 04.06.2021 the Court of Appeals – Skopje revoked the decision of the council and determined a measure – house arrest with additional precautionary measures. However, on 02.07.2021, upon the proposal of the competent prosecutor, by the Criminal Council, the measure of house arrest was extended without additional precautionary measures, which decision of the council was submitted to the Public Prosecutor and confirmed by the Skopje Court of Appeals.

Due to this, the Criminal Council, guided exclusively by the legal provisions and assessing whether the determined measure that exists with the decision at the moment of the submitted proposal was violated, made a decision to reject the proposal.

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