Macedonian nationals continue vaccination at the Belgrade Fair


Except in Bujanovac, Vranje, Nish, Macedonian citizens continue to gettheir COVID-19 vaccine at the Belgrade Fair.

“Between 300 and 500 citizens are vaccinated daily at the Belgrade Fair point, and between 600 and 800 people are vaccinated during the weekends, and half of them are citizens of Northern Macedonia and Bosnia and Herzegovina,” the point coordinator Svetlana Micictold the Beta news agency.

In addition to revaccination, Macedonian citizens traveling abroad are mainly vaccinated at the Belgrade Fair.

“We continue to vaccinate people who are not residents of Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Macedonia, but the turnout in all these countries is declining. People who travel abroad usually come to get vaccinated, considering that the measures are intensified in all countries, so that it is not possible to enter a restaurant, and this is much more economical, because the vaccination does not require a PCR test and does not have to be pays quarantine in those countries. The proposal is that vaccination should not be recommended, but should be mandatory in many countries,” Dr. SnezanaKalabic told Kurir.

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