“Stalking” added to the Criminal Code as crime


At Wednesday’s 92nd regular session, the Government approved the text of the Draft-Law on Payment of Monetary Compensation to Victims of Criminal Offenses, as well as the amendments to the Law on Protection of Natural Persons regarding the processing of personal data for prevention purposes. investigation, detection or prosecution of criminal acts or execution of criminal sanctions, the Law on the Academy of Judges and Prosecutors, the Law on Civil Procedure, the Law on Civil Liability for Insult and Defamation, as well as the Criminal Code.

According to the government’s press service, the amendments to the Criminal Code, among other things, propose articles with which in the future the attack on a journalist, cameraman or photojournalist will be treated the same as an attack on an official.

Other amendments proposed as amendments to the Criminal Code provide for a new crime of “stalking” to ensure the protection of women from sexual and any other harassment through communication channels, including the Internet.

The proposed amendments to the Law on Civil Liability envisage a significant reduction in the amount that journalists will pay for a lost defamation or insult dispute from the now envisaged 2,000 euros to a maximum of 400 euros.

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