Filipche: Our country has among the highest vaccination rates in the region


We will have no choice but to introduce some form of restriction. The measures have been discussed and we will discuss further in order to protect the entire other population, and those measures will apply to the unvaccinated, said Health Minister Venko Filipche, and added that the specific measures will be discussed in more detail in August.

“We have seen in recent years what it means to have no vaccine for a disease, what restrictions, curfews, etc., we see and follow examples from other countries, there are private companies that simply want their employees to be vaccinated so that the work process can function normally, and we will protect public health by eventually introducing such measures where there is a possibility for mass gatherings, public events, perhaps entry to some public places, etc.,” said Filipche during a visit to the Clinical Hospital in Bitola.

He pointed out that at the moment the country has the highest vaccination rate compared to many countries in the region and even in this part of Europe.

The Ministry of Health’s latest figures show that 63 percent of the population over 70; 60 percent of the population over 65; 55 percent of the population over 60; and 45 percent of the population over 50 have received at least one vaccine dose.

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