Stojanoski: Budget review is needed so that the Government can continue stealing for pre-election bribery


In the midst of a pandemic, we have the largest budget, and there is not a single euro for capital investment. In the next six months, the citizens will not get a single kilometer of highway, nor will a hospital, schools, sports halls, etc. be built, said VMRO-DPMNE MP Bojan Stojanoski at the Parliament debate on budget review for 2021.

Stojanoski pointed out that the increase in electricity prices by 12.5 percent with VAT level is calculated, and the citizens will feel homeless.

“Citizens will pay more for fuel, new taxes will be introduced, there will be an increase in existing items such as VAT and other taxes,” Stojanoski said.

Hence, the MP added, there will be only impoverishment of citizens and reduction of living standards.

“The citizens will be left with only the increase, poverty, and the government will make megalomaniac budgets for pre-election bribery and for those from the ruling elite to continue to create while the whole world says that Macedonia is only progressing in corruption,” Stojanoski noted.

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