Apasiev lied that VMRO-DPMNE made a quorum for the Law on Citizenship


The biggest benefit for Zoran Zaev is in the political action of Dimitar Apasiev through controlled extraction of right-wing votes, populism, just rhetoric, etc.

For many, Apasiev’s actions come down to words without steps. In recent days, VMRO-DPMNE pointed out, on the one hand Apasiev says that he is against the law on citizenship, on the other hand he did not attend the session to vote against in a situation when the government had already provided a quorum for voting.

Although Apasiev accused that the VMRO-DPMNE MPs gave a quorum with their presence, the truth is different. It lies in the voting lists that say that SDSM, DUI and other ruling parties secured the quorum themselves, while VMRO-DPMNE voted against that law. The truth is that Apasiev was not interested in voting against.

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