People begged for a helicopter during the Kochani fire, but did not receive help,the government keeps helicopters forZaev’s excursions


While the government is taking pictures of the private celebration in Krushevo, a fire has destroyed houses in Kochani,says  VMRO-DPMNE, after the situation with the fire near the city of Kochani became dramatic Monday afternoon.

“According to the latest information, in Kochani, but also in others throughout Macedonia, fires are destroying citizens’ property. Helicopters, instead of ministerial excursions, are needed for such moments to save the lives and property of citizens. According to the information, the citizens of Kochani begged for helicopters to be sent all day and no one from the government listened to them. If the helicopters had intervened during the day, surely the situation would not have gotten out of control. We regret that transporting Zaev’s events is more important than the lives and property of the citizens,” says VMRO-DPMNE.

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