Grubi: We have not talked about dismissing the leading people of the CMC


First Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Political System and Inter-Community Relations Artan Grubi stressed Wednesday that the dismissal of the first people of the CMC was not discussed, because he believes that they dealt with all the circumstances surrounding the fires responsibly. However, as he said, the Government will hold a session, at which this issue will be debated.

“We believe that we have dealt with all the circumstances quite responsibly, and fortunately we do not have a single victim, unlike the countries in the region. Of course you can always do much better. We did not talk about dismissal, but I do not want to prejudge, because we now have a session of the Government and of course this issue will be debated,” said Grubi at today’s press conference on the occasion of promoting a postage stamp on the occasion of 20 years of the Ohrid agreement, in response to a media question.

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