Macedonian judges more brutal than Taliban in Afghanistan and Stalin in Russia


The annual report on the work of the Public Prosecutor’s Offices for 2020 was published on August 3. The figures and tables you will read in the text, which are listed in the report – are brutal, because the convictions are the same as in Sharia law, or are more effective, for instance in Russia and China.

In Macedonia, when there is no evidence of guilt, and when the evidence is not in accordance with the LCP, analogies are created with the help of the streets; rumors create impressions that become a court conviction.

According to the report on the work of the Public Prosecutor’s Office in Macedonia, of which according to the results (95% convictions), only the large prosecutions of Russia and China are more efficient with 99% convictions, and less efficient are, for example, Canada, USA, Great Britain.

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