300 army troops engaged in fighting wildfires


The Army of the Republic of Macedonia, which from the very beginning of the catastrophic fires in coordination with all competent institutions was involved in extinguishing the fires, after today’s decision to declare a state of crisis continues to engage unreservedly in accordance with the requirements with all available human and material potential.

“The two hundred Army members who were engaged from the beginning of the critical locations of the fires, during yesterday and today were joined by another hundred colleagues, and if necessary and in accordance with the demands will be joined by army members who are constantly in full readiness to engage . At the moment, more than 200 members are involved in fighting the fire in the area of ​​Delchevo and Pehchevo, while the rest are engaged in the areas of Valandovo, StaroNagoricane and Pletvar,” said the Ministry of Defense.

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