Dr. Danilovski: The COVID-19 virus will now spread among young and unvaccinated


The young and others remained unvaccinated, as well as those vaccinated with a single dose. The vaccinated are mostly among the elderly. The virus, therefore, will require space for smooth spread among young people, says epidemiologist Dr. Dragan Danilovski in a statement for the MKD.mk news portal.

It would be advisable now to vaccinate adults over 50 as a priority, and those with chronic diseases as a priority. This will further reduce the pressure on hospitals. In order to reduce mortality, the highest priority is for the Medical Chamber to prepare protocols for the treatment of COVID-19 patients, at all levels of health care. The Ministry of Health to ensure that these protocols are applied by all health care institutions – at all levels. Of course, if there is a threat of overcrowding in hospitals, certain restrictive measures will be needed regarding the limitation of the number in hospitality facilities, buses, sports events”, says Dr. Danilovski.

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