Zaev: I felt that the people wanted to see me here, so I cut my vacation short


I was on my vacation for 3 days and I came back because I definitely felt that the people want to see me here, said Prime Minister Zoran Zaev on Sunday.

“The system works as the director of the CMC said, the coordination is done over the phone, the citizens expect the Prime Minister to be the Prime Minister and to coordinate the system, and the system is established by the crisis situation, it is managed by the CMC director, protection and rescue directorate, municipal headquarters, fire brigades and all units, they are further coordinated with the police, the army and the system works as it works in all European countries, with all its strengths and weaknesses and we all learn together through it. I am glad that they were able to coordinate such a functional system with five external extinguishing forces that fit together with our forces and act cohesively on the ground,” said Zaev.



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