If you want to have coffee indoors, get a vaccine first, says Minister of Economy


Economy Minister KreshnikBekteshi urged Monday citizens and especially hospitality facilities to observe protective measures and protocols as the only way to prevent the spread of COVID-19, otherwise face more restrictions.

“If we are led into a situation of enforcing a lockdown of a certain sector, we will do it, as we have done before,” Minister Bekteshi told a press conference.

He explained that the Government measures, which are set to enter into force on August 16, would not result in complete shutdown of the hospitality facilities, but only of indoor areas, while people attending outdoor events of more than 30 guests will have to present a vaccination certificate.

“As of August 16, indoor areas will be closed. Protocols for outdoor areas must be observed, with the addition of vaccination certificates. Starting from next week, there will be no weddings or celebrations indoors, only outdoors, provided organizers and guests present a vaccination certificate,” noted Bekteshi.

He added, “If you want to have your coffee indoors, get a vaccine first.”


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