UNESCO asks report on implementation of Ohrid region recommendations to be submitted by February 1


UNESCO’s World Heritage Committee has requested North Macedonia and Albania, as countries that manage the Natural and Cultural Heritage of the Ohrid region, to submit by 1 February 2022 a report on the progress made in the implementation of recommendations for protection of the Ohrid region.

The World Heritage Committee noted with grave concern the conclusions of the 2020 mission, which considered that tall buildings close to the lake, the poor architectural quality of the built environment, and the inappropriate and excessive use of the coastal zone for tourism infrastructure, have all had a highly negative impact on OUV of the property. Also, it noted with concern that in spite of recent initiatives, the management system appears still not to be fully mandated to maintain OUV due to conflicting priorities, poor implementation of the legal framework and little involvement of civil society, all of which have combined to fragment the management system.

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