The regime implements classic systemic corruption for over 20 thousand budgeters!


The ruling regime knows nothing but bribery! Decided to allocate up to 30% of the salary to the administration by the ministries, at the beginning of the election period. The regime implements classic systemic corruption for over 20 thousand budgeters! This is the government document, dated August 5, which lists all ministries and all government services for the possibility of those “with increased workload” and, be careful to “evaluate their success,” to selectively give bonuses to salary on two bases, a total of 30% of the salary, said Naum Stoilkovski from the ranks of VMRO-DPMNE at a press conference.

“This is a classic case of regime. This is a reward for obedience, a reward for following the inappropriate, for implementing the inappropriate decisions, this is a reward before the elections for their party soldiers. And at the personal discretion of the regime! Over 20 thousand administrators are bribed with budget money, the message is be obedient and irresponsible before bad decisions and you will get a bonus. The private sector, dissatisfied with the measures and the bearer of the economy, is left alone. But it is important for the budget party army. Probably for that bribe money the excise tax on fuels was secretly raised again! The regime knows nothing but bribery. Systemic bribery for the administration and the ministries, and bribery in the field is carried out by SDSM officials by distributing aid packages that are part of the program and the loan from the World Bank! Shame severe. This must end! No projects there is only a classic bribe. There is no economy, there is only crime and commissions. There is no responsibility, there is only destruction, corruption and state-sponsored discrimination! There is nothing worse than SDSM for Macedonia,” Stoilkovski stressed.

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