Dr. Nikola Panovski: The vaccination certificates have nothing to do with epidemiology and medicine!


Dr. Nikola Panovski considers that the latest measures of the Government for entering restaurants or events where there are more than 30 people are absurd because if today you receive a second dose of any vaccine, you will receive a vaccination certificate and you will be able to enter freely anywhere, but if you are vaccinated with Pfizer, you will get immunity after a month and a half, and if you are vaccinated with Chinese vaccine, you will get immunity only after three months.

In the meantime, you are as unprotected as the unvaccinated, says Dr. Panovski.

“The measure not to gather indoors should have existed all the time. Although overdue that measure is good, gatherings and weddings should not have been allowed. Other measures, such as certificates, have nothing to do with epidemiology or medicine. If you are vaccinated with the first dose during these seven days, you can go where you want, but you will get immunity after 3 months, if it is Chinese or a month and a half if it is Pfizer. “That is a way to get people vaccinated,” Nikola Panovski told Kanal 5.

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