Mickoski: The Government abused the health of citizens for party/political agendas, bribes and pre-election frauds


I know you are angry and I know the anger you have for me is great. I am not like you, I will not stoop to your level, because I am not just a politician, I am also a parent and a teacher. I am aware that you will continue to insult, fabricate and slander me, but that only motivates me more in the fight against you, the political fraudsters and against your servants in the opposition, the circus performers. There is no greater honor than to fight for your people and fellow citizens with honesty, dignity, a lot of work and a lot of giving up, says VMRO-DPMNE leader Hristijan Mickoski.

And what are the facts?

Macedonia is at the top in terms of the number of Covid deaths. Macedonia is at the bottom according to the number of vaccinated people. You have abused the health of the citizens for party / political agendas, bribes and pre-election frauds. 45 days ago you were convincing us that the pandemic would end in August or the beginning of September and who knows how many times you made a mistake, we are at the beginning of a new wave. The new wave is only a result of your incapacity. You prefer commissions to providing vaccines for the citizens, said Mickoski.


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