The SCPC against pre-election employment


Katica Nikolovska of the State Commission for Prevention of Corruption (SCPC) while discussing the activities of the Commission regarding the entire election process for the upcoming Local Elections 2021, informed that last week in the SCPC received 60 requests for opinions from institutions, for which, according to her, there is legal uncertainty regarding the decision-making in the institutions themselves and require approval of the SCPC.

Nikolovska at today’s press conference confirmed that the SCPC has no authority to give opinions on these cases.

“In the part of employments are most of these requirements, ie whether they are allowed to employ, etc. The part of the amendments to the Electoral Code stipulates that employments can be performed only in part of urgent and urgent cases, except for the needs of the educational process,” said Nikolovska.

According to President of the SCPC Biljana Ivanovska,  the very procedure of publishing job advertisements just before the start of the election process, is wrong, although it is not prohibited by law.

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