Eight deaths and almost 300 new COVID-19 cases


In the past 24 hours the country registered 296 new COVID-19 infections after a total of 3,480 tests were conducted in labs across the country. Eights deaths and 109 recovered patients were registered in the same time period, the Health Ministry said Monday citing data of the Public Health Institute.

Most of the confirmed cases were registered in Skopje, 143.

Eight patients died in hospitals, including three aged 54, 69 and 78 in Gostivar, two aged 69 and 74 in Struga, two aged 44 and 51 in Tetovo and a 74-year-old patient in Kochani.

Since the onset of the epidemic, N. Macedonia has registered 162,457 confirmed coronavirus cases and 150,960 people have recovered. The death toll has reached 5,560. At the moment, there are 5,937 active cases nationwide.

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