Macedonian nationals are being evacuated via Doha from Afghanistan


According to Foreign Minister Bujar Osmani, 25 of our citizens are to leave the Kabul airport by US military airplane, and another 50 of our citizens are expected to be evacuated from Afghanistan, where the security situation has deteriorated sharply in the past 72 hours.

Of the approximately 50 civilians who arrived at Kabul airport this morning, half or 25 are already at the military terminal and have registered for the next US Army military flight to Doha, Qatar, from where their return home is indisputable. The other 25 of our citizens have been sent to the next flight and we are currently working on their registration and then evacuation directly from the airport in Kabul. We have information on another 25 citizens who are at the US base in Kabul, which is located near the airport. They are safe and are currently on a waiting list to be transferred to the airport and then evacuated. At the moment we do not have information about other of our citizens in Afghanistan and so far we do not have a single registered citizen who is in a threatened situation. We continue to closely monitor the situation in Afghanistan,” Osmani said.

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