Modular hospital, Infectious Diseases unit at “September 8th” hospital, starts working


The modular next to the Clinic for Infectious Diseases, the infectious diseases unit within the Skopje City General Hospital 8 September and three triage centers in the capital start working on Monday.

The number of new COVID-19 cases continues to grow, resulting in an increased number of patients who require hospitalization.

“Last week up to 8,000 citizens were administered the first vaccine dose daily. A total of 50,000 vaccines were administered and I believe this trend will prevail. 35% of the population has been vaccinated, including 70% of citizens over 70 and 50% of those over 50. In cities with low vaccination rate, the number of new cases is higher, whereas in Ohrid, Bitola and Shtip, which have high vaccination rates, there are less hospitalizations,” stressed Health Minister Venko Filipche.


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