Miloshoski: If Zaev wants to be a humanitarian, he should accommodate 200 refugees in the “Villa Park” hotel in Strumica


Prime Minister Zoran Zaev is not able in Macedonia to help families with people with special needs, let alone do it citizens of other countries, where we do not have an embassy that would provide at least basic security data for refugees.

Macedonia is one of the poorest countries in Europe, and in this escalation in Afghanistan, it would be good for the government to point out that solidarity should be demonstrated by the richest members of the United Nations, who also have a good system of education and integration of refugees.

If Zaev still wants to be a humanitarian, he should not do it on expense of the national budget, he should set a personal example and accommodate 200 refugees from Afghanistan in the “Villa Park” hotel in Strumica, where he will help them financially through the already known model ‘1 € for Vice’.

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