NDI has asked Macedonia to take in additional 200 Afghan civilians, says Osmani


Foreign Minister Bujar Osmani said Tuesday that the National Democratic Institute (NDI) has sent a request asking Macedonia to temporarily host additional 200 Afghan civilians in addition to the 186 Afghans, announced by the government yesterday in a press release.

“Regarding Afghan civilians for whom the country offered temporary stay in the country, yesterday we informed through the Government that for a certain number for which there is a request from international agencies and organizations, primarily human rights activists, families of employees in international organizations, also arrived an additional list from the NDI which will handled by relevant bodies. Having in mind that the number of flights from Kabul is significantly limited, we at this point are not able to say when these civilians would arrive in the country before they are accommodated in facilities equipped for that purpose,” Osmani told a news briefing.

Asked by the media whether they will have to quarantine, the Minister said it will depend on their vaccination status and other epidemiological aspects. Osmani said that the Commission for Infectious Diseases and the Ministry of Health have set up a government’s coordination body, including ministers, which will decide in line with the situation.


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