Tourism sector against decision for mandatory PCR test for entering Macedonia


We must not suffer another huge loss if the competent institutions decide to enter the country with mandatory PCR tests. That will mean a total collapse of the sector, travel agencies said on Tuesday.

They believe that the current measures should be maintained, and vaccination, as they point out, is necessary for the recovery of the economy, reduction of deaths and the number of newly infected citizens.

If the proposal for mandatory PCR testing is adopted on Wednesday, travel agencies say they will be forced to take to the streets.

“As a private sector struggling to survive, we believe that if a decision is made to enter the country with a mandatory PCR test, it will encourage all those who have already paid for a vacation to ask for the funds back. Those funds have already been paid to our partner partners abroad. This will mean a total collapse, and thus the shutdown of many of the agencies,” reads their statement sent to the media.


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