Vaccinated citizens can prove their vaccination status in several ways


The Ministry of Health said in a press release on Tuesday that vaccinated citizens can easily obtain documents proving their vaccination status.

According to the new restrictions, which entered into force on Monday, only people who have received a vaccine and those who recovered from COVID-19 over the past 45 days are allowed to enter bars and restaurants.

Only people who had been registered as infected at the Public Health Institute can obtain the document confirming they had had COVID-19 through their family physician.

Vaccinated citizens can download their national vaccination certificate from their profile on The process is similar for obtaining the CommonPass, which is also available via the mobile app, and allows people to enter establishments where the new measures apply, the Ministry said, calling on citizens to get vaccinated.

The Ministry of Health urges citizens to get vaccinated. Vaccination is the only way to achieve herd immunity. Measures enforced as of yesterday aren’t discriminatory, but necessary to protect public health, the release read.


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