Government sees no problem that the ID card system was changed without a law, but the blockade by the opposition  


More than 41,000 citizens are currently waiting for the Ministry of Interior to issue them new ID documents. New, with the new constitutional name of the country, the Republic of North Macedonia.

The authorities explain that there is no possibility to make ID cards with the old name, because, as it is said, “a technical transfer of the system for making all ID documents has already been done”.

The problem is that the Ministry of Interior must not start issuing new ID cards until the new law on ID cards is adopted, which is blocked in the Parliament with 1,506 amendments by the opposition.

Prime Minister Zoran Zaev says that the ID card law is blocked by amendments from Levica, while the political party BESA was “flexible enough to submit an amendment to start action in 2023 on the ethnic determination of citizens in ID cards, expecting Europe to declare itself after this question”

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