Nine vaccinated people died of COVID-19 in two weeks – 1,507 of the new cases were fully vaccinated


Of the new COVID-19 infections, 85% are people who haven’t been vaccinated. The unvaccinated also constitute 91% of hospitalizations, the Health Ministry said Friday releasing a two-week national analysis covering the period from August 6 until August 19.

Those who got infected and the patients who died were vaccinated with vaccines available in the country as well as the Moderna and Johnson & Johnson shots as some of the patients were vaccinated abroad.

In the analysis, fully vaccinated people are considered those who received the second dose at least 14 days ago.

A total of 9,881 citizens from all over the country tested positive for COVID-19 during the same time period. Of those, 1,507 (15%) were fully vaccinated.

The number of unvaccinated citizens who contracted COVID-19 is significant. According to the two-week statistical report, 8,374 people of those who tested positive weren’t vaccinated. 91% of hospitalizations are unvaccinated people. Only nine percent of all 724 patients who are currently hospitalized are double-jabbed. The analysis shows that fatality rate among the unvaccinated is drastically higher. In the past two weeks, the country recorded 101 fatalities. Of those, 92 patients weren’t vaccinated and only nine people (8%) received a vaccine. The fatalities had pre-existing conditions, shows the analysis.


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