Nikoloski: The country is sinking in incompetence and corruption under Zaev according to the 2021 Heritage report


The high level of crime and corruption generated by the Zaev regime is evident in international report, said VMRO-DPMNE Vice President Aleksandar Nikoloski, adding that this was not just VMRO-DPMNE’s claim, but of relevant international organizations as well.

“The prestigious U.S. think tank – the Heritage Foundation in its 2021 annual report for ranking the countries in the world according to the level of economic freedoms and rights ranks Macedonia on the 46th place with 68.6 points, which is a decrease of 5 places in compared to last year when Macedonia was ranked 41st. In four years of power of the incompetent and corrupt system of Zaev, Macedonia falls by 15 places on the list of the Heritage Foundation for Economic Freedom and from 31st place in 2017 now Macedonia is on the 46th place. So in 2017 Macedonia is on the 31st place, and in 2021 on the 46th place. It is a four-year constant setback due to the corrupt government of Zoran Zaev,” Nikoloski said.

Nikoloski says that because of the same corrupt and incompetent government, Macedonia is in the company of Rwanda and Jamaica, as well as Colombia, and every year it gets worse.

“Heritage for 2021 concludes that Macedonia has a decline in the scale of economic freedoms and rights by 0.9 points. This is another international report which says that Macedonia is not only not moving forward, but is sinking. There is also a decline in the judiciary and the integrity of the government. Namely, the foundation concludes that the judicial efficiency and integrity of the government are below the minimum red level.

“With 40.4 points for judicial efficiency and 41.9 points for the integrity of the government, the government is below the red line, ie there is no passing grade for the state,” said the vice president of the opposition party.

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