VMRO-DPMNE: With Zaev’s “effective” measures over half a million people barely survive on 2 euros a day


The fact that SDSM boasts of a credit rating that is defined as garbage, shows how much they did not really help the bankrupts that they did. The top priority of SDSM and Zaev is crime and corruption. Due to the negligence of ZoranZaev and SDSM, about 60,000 citizens lost their jobs, and 5,600 companies put a key in the door. With Zaev’s “effective” measures, almost over half a million people barely survive on 2 euros a day, say VMRO-DPMNE, in response to the announcement of SDSM that they took real care of redundant workers.

The opposition party adds that the public debt has almost doubled in the last four years. More than 15 billion euros have been spent, and the people are getting poorer.

“Even according to Standard and Poor’s, Macedonia is a country with a high risk of inability to finance its debts to creditors. BB – credit rating in the field of high risk countries deters any investor or commercial bank who wants to lend money to the state or do so, but at enormously high interest rates. This rating by Standard & Poor’s indicates that all loans will have potentially higher interest rates in the future. The pre-election bribery and the populist measures of SDSM will not be forgiven this time, the citizens are firmly determined to punish SDSM on October 17th.

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