Filipche: The Medical Chamber monitors anti-vaccine posts of the medical staff


The Medical Chamber monitors the posts on social media and the statements of the medical staff that compromise the process of immunization against COVID-19 and will soon act upon them, said Minister of Health Venko Filipche at today’s press conference.

“Regarding the spread of fake news in the part when citizens do it… They should know that fake news endangers public health and puts a serious burden on hospitals due to spreading fear among people not to be vaccinated. We hear all the views on the protests, but so far we have not heard a solid counter-argument for vaccination, because those protests are followed by insults and threats. But at the same time we have an increased number of citizens who are vaccinated, 12 to 13 thousand are vaccinated daily. And that is a serious voice of the citizens. Regarding the medical personnel who spread such views, the Medical Chamber is seriously analyzing everyone and will soon come up with its own position,” said Filipche.

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