SDSM boasts support for farmers – VMRO-DPMNE: There are still unpaid subsidies from 2017


SDSM still has unpaid subsidies from 2017, and is late for 2018 and 2019. The government does not pay subsidies on time and has selectivity in payment. Hundreds of farmers have been waiting for years for various items of compensation payments from major weather disasters, reads VMRO-DPMNE’s reaction.

Earlier, the ruling SDSM held a press conference in which they boasted that the Government as a true ally of farmers and ranchers is fully committed to active policies to support and encourage them.

The Agency for Financial Support of Agriculture and Rural Development only last week paid over 617 million denars in subsidies to farmers who had marked cattle, goats, as well as 182.3 million denars to all farmers who kept female lamb. With this payment, funds were transferred to the tobacco producers in the amount of 11.4 million denars. Financial support was also paid for sown areas with certified seed material, as well as payment of subsidies for beekeeping. So far, 5.5 billion denars have been paid, and with the adopted supplementary budget by the end of the year, a record payment of 115 million euros is expected for over 66,000 farmers. There is no lack of concern for encouragement of young people who are part or intend to get involved in this sector. Applications for financial support through the “Young Farmer” measure, intended for registered farmers up to 40 years, who can receive up to 10 thousand euros for investments or opening their own agribusiness are open until August 29. SDSM as a responsible party remains committed to helping and supporting every farmer, every agricultural holding,” said SDSM.

VMRO-DPMNE says that Zaev promised safe redemption and high purchase prices, for four years the crop ends up in a dump, and the farmers without bread.

The government did not substantially help the farmers. Only lies and a lot of praise, but no results. It is time for change. It is time for Macedonia for all, reads the reaction of the opposition.

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