Two thirds of COVID-19 cases in Macedonia have the Delta variant


A new analysis is expected next week from the Institute of Public Health and the Macedonian Academy of Sciences and Arts on how many of the patients are infected with the Delta variant. The latest analysis, according to Health Minister Venko Filipche, showed that two-thirds of those infected were in fact infected with the Delta variant of the coronavirus.

The protocols for the treatment of COVID-19 patients were adopted last year, and were revised in March this year, said Filipche, answering a journalist question regarding the doctors’ remarks that there is no protocol for this wave of COVID-19.

“It is all in accordance with all the recommendations for the treatment of these patients. It is a protocol that is valid throughout the country, in all hospitals. It has all the therapy in all hospitals, the expensive drug “Remesvir” that we procured during the previous wave is distributed everywhere and is available in all COVID centers. Which means that the protocol is unified,” Filipche said.



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