The Government has implemented only 30 percent of the planned capital investments in seven months


The Government is not doing anything, they have implemented only 30% of the planned capital investments in seven months, stressed VMRO-DPMNE in a press release.

“There are no new roads, no new schools, hospitals or other capital projects. The largest realization of capital investments from all budget users has the Intelligence Agency with over 98% realization. This is an indication that the government is doing nothing but spending money on unimportant things. Out of 96 budget users, as many as 16 institutions have 0% or close to 0% realization of capital investments. About 30 of the institutions have a realization below 10%. The institutions that should have capital realization do not have it. It is additionally worrying that the item of capital investments also includes the purchase of furniture and luxury goods that do not benefit the citizens, but the officials,” said the opposition party.

VMRO-DPMNE adds that even though the implementation of capital expenditures has failed, the current expenditures are realized completely smoothly. Salaries and bonuses are realized with 57%, and transfers with 55%.



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