Dr. Ilir Ljuma tells Filipche: Claiming the vaccine gives stronger immunity is nonsense


Tetovo doctor and former Deputy Minister of Health Ilir Ljuma in a conversation with MKD.mk commented on the statement of Health Minister Venko Filipche when he said that the vaccinated create stronger and more lasting immunity than those that recovered from the virus.

“It’s nonsense, such an attitude is not based on scientific evidence. Immunology says that immunity is created by contracting a viral infection and that immunity lasts either up to a year, or it can last a lifetime, depending on the type of virus. I will give only one practical example: blood plasma, right, is used in the treatment of the sick. Plasma is taken only from people who have recovered from COVID-19. Is blood plasma taken from vaccinated people? It’s not. Here is solid evidence for the Commission on Infectious Diseases that it is wrong. Also, recovered people should be vaccinated against the coronavirus only after they have lost their immunity, and not when the test shows that they have high immunity to this virus,” says Dr. Ljuma.



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