Ahmeti urges mass vaccination: I receive bad news from my closest circle of friends every day


DUI leader Ali Ahmeti in a Facebook post on Sunday urged mass vaccination and expressed condolences to the families of COVID-19 fatalities.

Ahmeti says that he and his family have been vaccinated since May, adding that every day they have been receiving bad news from their closest circle of friends and family.

“During this year and a half, many of us have lost loved ones. Every day we receive bad news from our closest circle, last night the brother of my friend Bekir Asani died together with his 33-year-old daughter and my friend Nevzat’s brother too. I express my deepest condolences to all members of the families who lost their lives due this insidious virus and I call for mass vaccination and observance of the measures, maintaining social distance, face masks, hygiene,” wrote Ahmeti.

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