Zaev: I believe in the victory of our stable coalition


Diversity in candidates lists is a confirmation of freedom and freedom results in democracy. These are important elections, so it’s only logical that a lot of brave citizens apply as candidates for councilors and mayors, Prime Minister Zoran Zaev said on Sunday.

According to Zaev, SDSM has excellent cooperation with DUI, BESA and DPA and the coalition is stable.

“I believe in the victory of our stable coalition. We have excellent cooperation with DUI, BESA and DPA. We’ll support each other so as to better serve citizens. The executive branch’s togetherness will be reflected at local level, so that we get the capacity to manage challenges more easily and implement as many projects as possible in the future,” Zaev told reporters.

Municipalities, he added, have received in the past four years the biggest support to date.

“Municipalities were allocated EUR 50 million to pay off debts. A lot of projects backed by the EU, the EBRD, the World Bank and international foundations, as well as by the central branch, are being implemented,” Zaev stressed.

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