Vaccinated citizens free to travel to EU member states


Health Minister Venko Filipche announced at Tuesday’s press conference that the vaccinated Macedonian nationals can travel anywhere in Europe by submitting a document that they have been vaccinated, i.e. they must submit their COVID vaccination certificate.

“The decision made by the European Union is in our favor, ie our policy, which is to have as many vaccinated citizens as possible. Exactly with those vaccination certificates there are no restrictions, no PCR is required, no quarantine. And this is proof that the whole world is going in that direction, to normalize life, fully aware that only in this way can the normal life and movement of people who are fully vaccinated be restored. And in Europe only vaccinated people can go anywhere and to various events. Vaccinated people do not need PCR tests and quarantine to travel to EU countries, for example Germany. I also know specifically about Germany, PCR is required for those who have not been vaccinated, but a 5-day quarantine is mandatory, then the testing will be repeated. This protects the country from the spread of the virus,” Minister Filipche said.


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