Shilegov: I’ll see how far VMRO-DPMNE’s lies will go, and then I’ll show all documents in public


Current Skopje Mayor and candidate for the local elections for another term Petre Shilegov responded to the attacks of the opposition, confirming that his family house is in the phase of, as he said, reconstruction, but called the attacks of VMRO-DPMNE a lie, adding that he will wait to see how far the lie will go and then present all the documents.

“I have been in politics for seven years, I have heard everything about myself and it is a stimulated smear campaign by the opposition. Regarding this issue, I will wait to see how far they will go with the lies of the Skopje and Macedonian public and I will make only one press on which I will take out all the documents that will fully see the lie that is being created around my family house which is subject to reconstruction,” said Shilegov.

The mayor pointed to several realized activities in the city in recent years, stating that the claims of VMRO-DPMNE serve only to defocus the general public from what has been done.

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