480 patients died of COVID-19 in one month, 51 were fully vaccinated


Over the past four weeks, 480 people died of Covid-19. Of them, 429, or 89 percent, were unvaccinated, and 51, or 10 percent, were vaccinated. They had comorbidities and chronic diseases, according to the release.

The infected and deceased were vaccinated with vaccines available in our country as well as with Moderna and J&J that some of the patients received abroad.

People who received two doses and have had at least 14 days pass since the second dose are considered vaccinated.

Of the 22,416 new COVID0-19 cases the country logged from August 6 through September 2, 4,191 people, or 18 percent, were fully vaccinated, and 18,225 people, or 81 percent, were unvaccinated. Of those admitted to hospital, 87 percent were unvaccinated and 13 percent had received two vaccine doses, health authorities said.

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