Shilegov reveals documents for family house addition


My family house in Taftalidze was built by my late father in 1995, and I have been its owner since 2006. The house has a ground floor, first and second floor and roof, and the property list says that I am the owner of a house consisting of ground floor, first floor, second floor and roof, said Skopje Mayor Petre Shilegov at Monday’s press conference and added that all accusations from VMRO-DPMNE are unscrupulous lies.

“The property list says that I am the owner of a house that consists of a ground floor, first floor, second floor and roof, which is a factual situation and condition today. Nothing has been added more than what is stated in the property list. It is lie number one, and lie number two is the claim that Shilegov is doing reconstruction without approval. This is the approval issued by the competent body Municipality of Karposh in December last year when the reconstruction started. Lie number three – Shilegov is not the owner of the construction land. This is the solution for the privatization of construction land. I announced in June that as the campaign approaches, we will witness various things that are related to me. And so it has been for the past 8 years. Whenever they have nothing to oppose the policies created by Shilegov as an MP, spokesperson or mayor of the City of Skopje, they engage in unscrupulous lies and a smear campaign in order to compromise me and my family. Let me express my gratitude and apology to my family that we all manage together to endure this black campaign that I am aware will not stop, regardless of the facts – Shilegov said today.

He stressed that he deeply believes in democratic, but also in human values.

The opposition party VMRO-DPMNE gave Shilegov 24 hours on Sunday to show documents for his family house building, and if not – the party would press criminal charges.


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