Stoilkovski: Shilegov confirmed that there is no permit for addition


Petre Shilegov confirmed that he was illegally building an addition to his family house. Petre Shilegov does not have a construction permit. Petre Shilegov goes out of the permitted size of the previous building and goes out of the allowed maximum height according to the existing DUP! So to summarize, Petre Shilegov is fooling the public, it took him a week to gather the courage to go to the media and say that what everyone sees – that it does not exist! Reconstruction, according to the Law on Construction, means performing works within the existing size. Petre Shilegov changes the size of the building, it is added to the height and the number of floors, accuses VMRO-DPMNE spokesperson Naum Stoilkovski.

“According to the DUP, the height of the building is 8.8 meters, with a ground floor and an attic! The fact that there are two apartments on Petre Shilegov’s property list does not mean anything at all. There are also attics with apartments, but they are attics with a certain lower height of the wall – that’s why those are the slopes in those apartments! That is, they have a smaller internal volume. Petre Shilegov under reconstruction wants to show an upgrade of the existing building in order to obtain an entire floor without reduced volume, plus construction above the allowed or already existing height. Petre Shilegov only confirmed what we said. Petre Shilegov, in a panic from the announced criminal charges, came up with a document behind which there are no answers,” said Stoilkovski.


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