Warning boycott in Tetovo schools: Parents furious because children did not get textbooks


Some of the parents of students in the fourth grade in the Tetovo region in the primary school “March 7” in Miletino, Municipality of Brvenica did not let their children go to school and held the announced warning boycott of classes.

They are revolted that this year the fourth graders did not receive textbooks and according to the new concept they should learn from digital samples through electronic devices.

“No one is against digitalization in teaching, but we want it to be an aid for further explanation. The book should be the main tool for teaching. A textbook is a textbook. Education is free for all, and here we are forced to print textbooks. They do not have all the opportunities to print textbooks or buy tablets or other devices for monitoring classes, said Nenad Gjorgjeski, parent and member of the school board at the “7th of March” primary school in Miletino.

The citizens’ initiative “There must be textbooks and classes ” announced today’s warning boycott of classes.

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