Macedonian Diplomatic Union: We need a reset to restore the reputation of diplomacy


The Macedonian Diplomatic Union resolutely condemns all those who by their actions or inactions have tarnished the reputation of the diplomatic profession to the lowest level. The latest scandal involving Armenia is the latest in a series of devastating situations that have preceded it in recent years, reads its statement.

With honest exceptions, the lack of integrity to indicate the unacceptability of certain moves, as well as the illegality of the actions, internal clashes with dissidents and their harassment and degradation that escalated during the time of the previous Minister Dimitrov and his closest associates, unfortunately now take they directly push the Macedonian diplomacy into the abyss of unprofessionalism, clientelism and inferiority. How else to call the expulsion of quality staff on the margins of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and staffing according to completely different criteria than the expertise, but as abuse of authority and party work, said the MDU.

The Union points out that a major reset is needed to restore the reputation of diplomacy.

“First, the biggest scandal in the history of Macedonian diplomacy should be completely cleared up, and then the stigma of the diplomatic profession should be removed. Not all diplomats are criminals, on the contrary. The vast majority are honest people who have invested their lives in this noble profession and it is not acceptable to simply throw blame. Only an honest and honest approach to shedding light on the scandal will work. The Macedonian diplomatic union always, and even now, emphasizes that it is available to help resolve all current issues in the house,” reads the statement.

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