Prosecutor’s Office continues investigation into Tetovo fire, 14 bodies sent to autopsy


The Public Prosecutor’s Office informs that in addition to three prosecutors from the Basic Public Prosecutor’s Office in Tetovo, two prosecutors from the Basic Public Prosecutor’s Office from Skopje came out last night to inspect the scene of the tragic event in the modular hospital in Tetovo. The Public Prosecutor of the Republic of N. Macedonia was also at the scene and attended the work of the Crisis Staff.

In cooperation with members of the Ministry of Interior, the inspection was started immediately. Prosecutors have issued autopsy orders and identified the bodies of 14 people killed in the flames, and are examining whether there are other dead. Some of the killed will need DNA analysis to determine their identities. According to initial information, there are no medical staff among the dead,” the statement said.

Prosecutors questioned staff at the modular hospital all night and morning to determine the cause of the fire.


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