Arsovska: I will do my best for Skopje and the people of Skopje


The general public knows that I am one of the only two candidates who managed to collect signatures for the candidacy and as an independent non-partisan candidate simply call the people of Skopje, all those who think that I have those qualities and competencies that they think are the right to I lead the city of Skopje, to give me their support, said DanelaArsovska, candidate for Skopje Mayor backed by the opposition VMRO-DPMNE.

“I asked for the support of the supporters of the ruling SDSM and all those who are not satisfied with what is happening, but believe in my competencies and that as an independent and non-partisan candidate, I will simply give my best for Skopje and the people of Skopje”, said Arsovska.

Arsovska added that one should no longer stand aside and just look at the challenges of Skopje. Citizens are already fed up with politics. The citizens need healthy management of Skopje, they need normal and dignified living conditions.


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