Zaev: Economy records lowest unemployment, historical GDP growth


The Prime Minister ZoranZaev assures that the economic policies of the Government have yielded results. According to him, investments, employment and higher wages have changed lives for the better.

“Investments, employment and higher wages are changing lives for the better. The government continues to work hard and have good economic policies to raise living standards.

The economy recorded a historical growth of Gross Domestic Product of 13.1% in the second quarter.

The average net salary in the country is continuously growing and the same per employee, in June 2021, amounted to 28,744 denars, which is 7%, or 1,877 denars more compared to June last year. “We note the historically lowest level of the unemployment rate of 15.9% with a tendency for it to further decrease by the end of the year,” wrote Prime Minister Zaev, who in recent days has been communicating with the public through posts on social media.


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