Sela: 14 people burned alive, Government should stop threatening family members and doctors


The leader of the Alliance for Albanians Zijadin Sela posted on Facebook and asked the Government to stop pressuring him and, as he said, threatening the families of the victims of the tragedy in the Tetovo modular hospital.

Sela wrote that “the Government is trying to absolve itself of responsibility through threats and blackmail.”

“Ibn Emshiu, the young man who lost his father and brother in the fire, reported that he was threatened not to talk and tell the truth about the conditions and the fire in the Modular Hospital in Tetovo. On the other hand, some doctors reported that pressure was being exerted to sign a petition in defense of one of the directors of the Tetovo hospital, in the same style as the attempt by the directors of the Skopje clinics to save Filipche. I urge you to immediately stop such pressures, let the investigators do their job without political interference. Show some respect for the victims and their families, as well as the medical staff that you have already left to work in harsh conditions,” Sela wrote.

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