Census underway at desired speed, over 93 thousand people counted on Monday


Over 93 thousand people were counted in Macedonia until 8 pm on Monday, proving people’s awareness and responsibility for collecting data crucial for creating a common future. The government expects the census to resume at the desired speed and all activities to wrap up successfully by September 30, government spokesperson Dushko Arsovski told a press briefing on Tuesday.

State Statistical Office director Apostol Simovski underlined at the new conference that the census is underway at the desired speed, without any issues or delays.

“On Monday, we counted a total of 93,235 people, 29,491 households and 40,155 apartments. We’re happy with the speed of activities and the work of census takers and hope they remain unchanged and the process wraps up within the deadline, without any issues,” Simovski said.

Minor technical difficulties, he added, were encountered at the start of the operation, but they have been overcome and the census has been taking place for the past three days without any issues, at a satisfactory speed.

A very small amount of people have refused to be counted, the SSO head said, and their exact number will be known today.

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