Carovska: 50 new COVID-19 cases among pupils, schools to provide online classes for those in isolation


Of the total 240,000 pupils who are attending classes in person, 0.2% have contracted COVID-19 since the start of the school year. 50 new coronavirus cases were registered among students on Monday, Minister of Education and Science Mila Carovska told reporters on Tuesday.

The Minister underlined that stakeholders must continue to abide protocols to ensure schools are safe and in-person instruction resumes.

“We’re all aware of continuous virus transmission in society. Schools are a part of society and our local communities. It’s our responsibility to fully abide by protocols and ensure schools are safe and in-person instruction resumes,” Carovska said during a visit to an elementary school in Skopje’s Gjorche Petrov municipality.

She stressed that if the situation deteriorates, the Ministry is ready to implement one of the other government-adopted education models it developed together with the Commission for Infectious Diseases.

In regard to the number of students currently in isolation, she said that the Ministry is not in charge of issuing isolation orders, but added that 2% of elementary schools student and 7% of high school students are taking online classes.

In regard to demands for schools to hold classes outdoors in good weather, Carovska said that in-person classes are taking place in line with plans and protocols recommended by the Commission for Infectious Diseases.

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