Mehmedovikj: It would be safest and fairest for the modular hospitals to be temporarily closed while the investigation is ongoing


While the investigation is ongoing for the tragic fire in the modular COVID hospital in Tetovo in which 14 people wew killed, it is safest and most honest for the modular hospitals to be temporarily closed, Dr. Zlate Mehmedovikj told Studio 10 on TV24.

“Modular hospitals are a significant capacity, without them it will be difficult to provide quality health care. If the issue of the safety of those hospitals is not clarified, it will be difficult to convince the citizens whether they are safe,” Mehmedovikj said.

He, however, said that the way the investigation was conducted gave hope.

“The safest and most honest way to get through this is to close those hospitals temporarily, and once they are found to be safe, to put them back into use. We should not look for a different approach, there is no way for a country that does not have sufficient financial resources to provide quality health care in appropriate health facilities. That happened to China as well. The time factor is very important. Modular hospitals have to withstand a fire of 30 minutes to 4 hours,” he said.


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